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Our Clinic under the direction of Dr Renee S. Hartz has been designated a Tier 1 provider for those employed by the City of Chicago covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. This means that no additional pre authorization is required for our medical visits and our physical medicine services.


See What People Are Saying About Their Clinic Experience

“Migraines: Trigger point therapy has changed my life! I have learned how to stop my migraines before they start! Thanks to Mary and Lisa at CCMPR!” 

– Karen Walsh, Park Ridge, IL

“Lower Back Pain; My lower back pain is gone!” 
– Jimmy Z

Mary helped me fix my muscle problems so I could dance at my daughter’s wedding.

“I was told I needed to have rotator cuff surgery and was afraid I would have to stop playing golf. After a series of treatments with Mary, not only did I keep playing golf, but I was able to win the AGA Seniors level as Illinois Champion, and third runner up for the National Finals. Then I went back to my surgeon and he said there was no reason to have the surgery because I had excellent function and strength!”

– Ted Zurkowski, Park Ridge, IL

“Shin Splints; I needed to run in a track meet but my shin splints were acting up. Mary helped me understand that the pain in my shin could be coming from trigger points and it really made sense. Once I did the self care she taught me, I was able to run without pain in my shin.” 
– Jackie, Chicago

“Headaches: OMG! I wish I had known about this long ago! It would have saved me lots of wasted PT visits and Doctor visits. No one ever asked me how I was sleeping except Mary. Now my headaches are gone!”

“I came in to see Lisa for my knee pain that was bothering me for three months. I came for 3 sessions and the pain was gone. She gave me really good self-care techniques to do at home which have kept me going.”
– John B. Chicago. IL

“I have gone to many clinics for my pain but none so far have given me as much information and home care therapy than this one.”
– Erica C. Chicago, IL



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