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Dr. Hartz

Microcurrent & Frequency Applications for Pain; Focusing on spinal, neuropathic and myofascial conditions. By Speaker Shannon Goossen


Saturday March 5th 2016, 9am – 5pm and Sunday March 6th from 9am – 1pm. This non-CEU class, taught by guest lecturer, Shannon Goossen, will provide the practitioner with introductory concepts of using microcurrent frequencies to treat pain and will teach neurological and orthopedic assessment to rule out non-myofascial pathology. Pain can be due to common and more complex physical injuries and pathology. You will learn frequency combinations and techniques for myofascial pain & dysfunction, neuropathic pain, spinal column pain from disc, facet and ligament injuries, as well as fibromyalgia caused and perpetuated by cervical spine injuries. This course is designed for the practitioner who wants a more in depth understanding of physical medicine concepts and how to quickly and easily examine patients for underlying, often overlooked, spinal or neurological disorders. Practitioners will then learn specific microcurrent frequency applications that seem to quickly eliminate pain associated with fibromyalgia, nerve, disc, facet, ligament and myofascial pain. Additionally, this course will provide the history and scientific basis for energy medicine and the use of microcurrent for treating pain.


Each participant should check with their own State Board as to the rules and regulations of application of specific interventions.


This seminar is based on the physical medicine courses developed by Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT. These courses were designed to fill the learning gap many practitioners have experienced, leaving them unsure of how to perform a neurological screening exam or confidently identify spinal conditions and orthopedic red flags. In her last 10 years of teaching, practitioners openly revealed they had never learned much about, or had forgotten these important, screening techniques. With the sudden ability to apply microcurrent using specific frequencies for specific problems, understanding how to do a proper and focused physical medicine evaluation became critical. Using microcurrent therapy can quickly eliminate pain, help identify more sinister problems that need specialist intervention and uncover hidden physical issues perpetuating pain when the patient is properly evaluated. Most importantly, these classes have been developed in a fun, entertaining, interactive manner that demystifies the nervous system and makes orthopedic testing easy to remember.


This workshop is ideal for those who work with patients suffering from chronic pain, athletes with acute and chronic injuries, as well as the weekend warriors and anyone that actively exercises. This workshop will enable you to effectively use dual channel microcurrent devices, which is FDA approved for the treatment of pain. Whether you are just curious about how and why frequencies work so quickly and effectively for pain, or know that you are ready to start using microcurrent actively in your clinic, this seminar is designed to meet your needs. This seminar fills the gaps in training, and introduces a clinical paradigm shift that will forever change the way you see pain and dysfunction.


Mary Biancalana is the host for the debut of this course, which is being offered by invitation only.


More information about Shannon Goossen Click Here




Dr. Hartz

Dr Ross Turchininov MD, PhD, DC, LMT Medidal Massage Seminar: From Basics to Clinical Application



Author, teacher and physician Dr. Ross Turchaninov is the founder of The Science of Massage Institute (SOMI) and is recognized as America’s leading expert in scientifically based Medical Massage therapy. He has studied Medical Massage in 7 countries, published more than 50 articles in medical journals and authored three books, including Medical Massage, Volume I Second Edition, considered the authority on Medical Massage. His institute has analyzed and distilled the last 100 years of clinical trials from throughout the Western World to bring you incontrovertible evidenced based learning at the highest level.


Only the Science of Massage Institute can guarantee that every technique and protocol is backed by 100% science, gives you personal instruction from Dr.Turchaninov and provides incredible support materials including our exclusive Video Library that make Medical Massage fun and easy. Whether you work in Stress Reduction, Sports Massage or the Clinical Massage field we offer information and training relevant to each branch of the massage profession. This is the only massage education program in the United States which has been scientifically tested (Saybrook University) and is being introduced to the Mayo Clinic as the source of Medical Massage for their Integrative Medicine Program.


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