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At Chicago Center for Myofascial Pain Relief, we provide exceptional, hands-on treatment for people experiencing muscle pain and dysfunction. Our treatments are designed with one objective in mind: to get each of our clients pain free and back to participating in all daily activities.For those who are sports and fitness focused, we work to ensure they are at their optimum performance level, with the freedom to pursue their future athletic endeavors pain-free.


Dr Renee Hartz has been designated as a Tier 1 provider for Blue Cross BLue Shield of Illinois. This means that all BC/BS PPO policyholders, including City of Chicago employees (Police, Fire Department and City Department Staff) with Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO insurance, will need NO pre-authorization to receive medical and therapeutic Trigger Point Massage Therapy from out clinic. Dr. Hartz also accepts most other major medical insurance, Cigna, United Healthcare, Aetna and Medicare, Medicare/Railroad. We ask that you call your provider to confirm your coverage.



Pain Relief

Our dedicated Professionals are experts in providing effective trigger point therapy to eliminate pain and restore muscular function.

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Learn the most up-to-date information on fascia, muscle pain, trigger points, self-care, and pathochemistry of pain and sensitization

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We offer accessible and reasonably priced exercise classes as well as
self-care workshops.

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Latest Activities
From Our Center

Congratulations to Mary Biancalana

She has been published in the October issue of Massage Magazine. Her article titled; “Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction; Understanding the Role of Hypermobility Syndrome”, is an in depth look at the some of the characteristics associated with HMS and muscle pain. It also has an easy to understand guide to assessing for hypermobility, as well as excellent tips and suggestions for modifying treatment when working with HMS clients. Read the Article Here

CE Courses for Professionals

Our professional courses offer the most up-to-date information on pain and muscular dysfunction. Have fun while you earn NCBTMB and BOC approved CE’s. You will learn how to keep your friends, family, clients and yourself Pain FREE! Many practitioners live with pain or have to end their career because of pain. Learning the trigger point techniques will empower you to have a long and healthy career in soft tissue treatment. CE Programming Schedule

Mission Statement
Who We Are

The Chicago Center for Myofascial Pain Relief’s mission is to provide cutting edge treatment and clinical bodywork to rehabilitate soft tissue (muscles and fascia) and to provide education and self-care training to empower anyone to live a pain-free and fully functioning life.


6304 N. Nagle Ave,Suite 3
Chicago, IL 60646



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