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Dr. Reneé Hartz


Dr. Hartz

Dr.Reneé Hartz

Dr. Reneé Hartz comes to our center with over 30 years of experience in many medical modalities including Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Emergency Room, University Medical Education and Myofascial Pain Treatment. She is a passionate and caring medical provider who is dedicated to treating and eliminating muscular (myofascial) pain in a drug-free and surgery-free approach.


Current Treatment skills;
• Electro-therapy assisted MTPT
• Neuropathy treatments
• Drug-free Pain Management
• Trigger Point Assessment and Trigger Point Injections
• Assessment for Fibromyalgia and/or Myofascial Pain Syndrome
• Workman’s Comp and Personal Injury treatment plans
• Motor Vehicle Accident rehabilitation
(MTPT stands for Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, yes that’s us!)


Dr. Hartz has published over 90 peer reviewed articles as well as more than 10 different chapters in medical education text books.
She has lectured all over the country, and in October 2016 was a smash-hit as a featured speaker at the Trigger Point, NAMTPT National Conference in Washington DC. Yes, this is the organization that Mary Biancalana is the President of.


Dr. Hartz is experienced in a broad variety of medical disciplines and will be able to draw on this experience to provide the best in medical services here at CCMPR.

Days in our clinic: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 7pm (appointments fill fast, so call today to get yours!)


Dr Renee Hartz has been designated as a Tier 1 provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. This means that all BC/BS PPO policyholders, including City of Chicago employees with Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO insurance, will need NO pre-authorization to receive medical and therapeutic treatment from out clinic. Dr. Hartz also accepts most other major medical insurance, Cigna, United Healthcare, Aetna and Medicare, Medicare/Railroad. We ask that you call your provider to confirm your coverage.




Bill my insurance for Trigger Point Treatment!? How does it work? Call our clinic right away to schedule an initial visit with Dr. Hartz followed by a MTPT treatment appointment with Mary, Nicole Scholpp or Craig Quaglia.


Payment: Co-pays (if indicated) will be collected and no other money will need to be paid. We will bill your insurance.


What if I don’t have insurance coverage?
No problem. On Mon/Weds/Fridays we still run a private practice here and still offer our very reasonably priced individual treatments.
Ask about our NEW treatment packages here at our Center.
Call us today for package pricing. 773-628-7654


You deserve to have the country’s best treatment staff on your team!
Keep your muscles in tip-top shape and feel great.
Come in for Trigger Point Therapy today.

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